Emoji Easter Family Bible Lessons

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Teach The Easter Story With Emojis

We've taken the key elements of our Emoji Easter Children's Ministry Curriculum and converted them into easy lessons that you can send to all the parents in your church to do at home as a family. 

Kids will learn the Easter story, by associating different events with these 4 common Emoji faces - the Happy Face, the Money Eyes Face, the Sad Face, and the Angel Face.


Emoji Easter Lesson Overview: 

Memory Verse: “Jesus is not here! He has risen! ” Luke 24:6a (NIrV)

Happy Emoji - This emoji reminds us of how happy everyone was to see Jesus when he came to Jerusalem just a week before he would be crucified. When he rode in they celebrated. They laid down palms, and they shouted with joy at the arrival of the King. Mark 11:1-10, The Triumphal Entry

Money Eyes Emoji - This emojis reminds us that many powerful people were angry with Jesus because he claimed to be the Son of God. They decided to kill Jesus, and even convinced one of Jesus' own followers to help them for some money. Luke 22:1-6, 39-48, Judas Betrays Jesus

Crying Emoji - This emoji reminds us that our sin caused Jesus to suffer. Because we sinned and disobeyed God, we deserved to be punished. But Jesus loves us so much that he took the punishment for us even though it hurt him very much. Luke 23:26-48, The Crucifixion

Angel Emoji - This emoji reminds us of the angels who told Mary that God had raised Jesus to life again. When Mary saw Jesus alive, she was so happy! She ran and told everyone the good news, that Jesus is alive. That is still the best news that we can share with our friends today! John 20:1-18, The Resurrection


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