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Firm Foundation 8-Week Curriculum Preschool

Firm Foundation 8-Week Curriculum Preschool


Teach Preschoolers How They Can Have a Firm Foundation in Christ!

Curriculum Components:

  • Scripture Box:  Appears on the first page of each lesson and states the main scriptural basis.  It contains the lesson number, title of lesson and support verse.
  • Kidnabber: A presentation that abruptly seizes the children’s attention and draws their focus directly to the lesson.  It is an “ice breaker,” of sorts.  The KIDnabber includes familiar tangibles that connect the lesson to a child’s everyday world. 
  • Rampin' Up: A springboard to the lesson.  This is another opportunity given to incorporate the child’s world into the biblical truth being presented.
  • Lesson Launch:  The Bible story or scriptural text that provides the overall framework for the lesson.  Often uses object lessons that are intended to be seamless presentations enfolded into the story or text.  Like the KIDnabber, these are designed to make an abstract teaching tangible.
  • Air Time:  Questions that assess what the children have grasped from the lesson.
  • Time to Thrash:  Hands on activities that allow the children to experience the lesson using their senses and Bible skills.
  • The Final Spin:  A wrap up of the lesson to include prayer or practical application.
  • KICK RiCK Grind:  Facts or pieces of research information that enliven the lesson.  When you see this graphic, refer to the box at the end of the section.  This box will show research or where the research was found.  The teacher can share this information as seen fit.

Lesson Overview

1.    God's Handiwork (Creator)

2.    Where Aren't You? He's Everywhere! (Omnipresent)

3.   "Know" Secret to God! (Omniscient)

4.    More Power to You! (Omnipotent)

5.    Sir, You Forgot Your Change! (Unchanging)

6.    No Separation Anxiety (Nothing can separate us from the love of God)

7.    Can I Help You? (The Holy Spirit is our Helper)

8.    Take It Personal (Intimacy with God)

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