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Sample the first lesson from our Noah's Big Boat 4-Week Preschool Ministry Curriculum! 

When the mighty flood came, God kept Noah, his family and the animals safe aboard the ark. Through it all, Noah learned that he could trust God always. In our Noah's Big Boat 4-Week Preschool Ministry Curriculum, preschoolers will learn that they can trust God always.

Noah's Big Boat Preschool Ministry Curriculum


Noah's Big Boat Sample Lesson Overview:

Memory Verse: But I trust in you, Lord.  I say, “You are my God. Psalm 31:14 (NIrV) 

The Ark

Scripture: Genesis 6:9-22, God Instructs Noah

The world had become a bad place. Only one man, Noah, still put his trust in God and did what God said. When God told Noah to build an ark, so that he and his family would be saved from the coming flood, Noah trusted God's plan and obeyed God. We can obey God's plan too. 

Objective: Preschoolers will learn that “I can trust and obey God because God’s got a good plan for me.”


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