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FREE Praise Party Preschool Ministry Curriculum Lesson

FREE Praise Party Preschool Ministry Curriculum Lesson

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Praise God and Tell Him Thank You!

Download the first lesson of our Praise Party 4-Week Preschool Ministry Curriculum for FREE!

God deserves our praise. God is so good us. We can praise God by singing and by telling Him thank you for all of the good things He has given us.

Praise Party Preschool Curriculum

Curriculum Overview:

Memory Verse: “I will sing praise to the Lord. He has been so good to me.” Psalm 13:6 (NIRV)

Praise God For Family – God gave us the family and friends that we have because He loves us.  We can thank God for our family and friends. Genesis 2:18-22 God makes Eve to be with Adam

Each Lesson Includes

  • Make It Stick! Parent Sheet
  • Memory Verse
  • Skit or Puppet Show
  • Craft Activity
  • Large Group Lesson
  • Small Group Discussion
  • Special Lesson for 1 and 2 Year Olds
  • More!

      Click Here to Download the Entire Praise Party 4-Week Preschool Ministry Curriculum.

      Praise Party Preschool Ministry Curriculum

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