Lights Of Christmas 5-Week Preschool Ministry Curriculum

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The Birth of Jesus Brightens Our World! 

Whether they be candles, strings of lights, or a yule log fire, Christmas lights come in many different forms. They each point us to Jesus, who is the true light of Christmas. Jesus brightens our world, bringing us peace, joy, and love, which we can share with the entire world.


Lights Of Christmas Lessons Overview:


“Life was in him, and that life was the light for all people.” John 1:4 (NIRV)


Christmas Candles

Scripture: John 1:1-14, Jesus – The Word and the Light

Darkness can be scary. But all it takes is one little candle to destroy the darkness and bring light. Jesus came to earth to be the Light of the World. Even in our darkest times, we can remember that Jesus can brighten any situation with his light.

Objective: Kids will say “Jesus' light brightens even the darkest situations.” 


Scripture: Luke 1:26-38, The Angel Visits Mary 

Gathering around the fireplace is cozy and warm, and gives us a sense of peace. Mary was distressed when she learned that she would have a baby, but she soon comforted to know that this baby was God's gift and would come to bring peace and comfort to all people. 

Objective: Kids will say “Jesus' light brings me comfort and peace.” 

String of Lights

Scripture: Matthew 1:18-24, Joseph Takes Mary as His Wife

It's fun to gather with the people we love – our families – and decorate the house with Christmas lights. Joseph loved Mary, but he was confused when he learned that she was going to have a baby. In a dream, an angel told Joseph to take Mary and to love the child as his own. To make them his family. Because he loved us, God sent Jesus to earth to bring us his light, and to give us the chance to be a part of God's family. 

Objective: Kids will say “Jesus' light shows us the love of God.”  


Scripture: Luke 2:1-20, The Birth of Jesus

Not only are luminaries beautiful to look at, but their light creates a path to follow to more Christmas joys. When the angels visited the shepherds, they set the shepherds on a path that would lead them to Jesus, the one who brightens our lives and brings us joy.

Objective: Kids will say “Jesus' light brings me joy.” 

Christmas Star

Scripture: Matthew 2:1-11, The Magi

The Christmas star shone in the sky for all to see, but only a small group of magi were wise enough to follow it to the true light of Christmas – Jesus. The magi shared with Jesus their gifts of gold, incense and myrrh. This Christmas – and each day of the year – we can share the light of Christmas, Jesus, with everyone we meet.

Objective: Kids will say “I can share Jesus' light with the whole world.” 




  • Perfect for kids ages 1-5
  • 5-weeks
  • Includes both large group and small group resources
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  • Make It Stick! Parent Sheet
  • Memory Verse
  • Skit or Puppet Show
  • Sunday School Craft Activity
  • Large Group Lesson
  • Small Group Discussion
  • Special Lesson for 1 and 2 Year Olds
  • More!


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