What is Easter? 4-Week Preschool Ministry Curriculum

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What Is Easter All About!

Teach your little ones why Easter is such a special day.  Little ones will learn that Easter is the day we celebrate that Jesus did what no one else could do - He died and came back to life!  Jesus didn’t deserve to die, because He had never done anything wrong.  But He chose to make the sacrifice for us and pay the price for all the wrong things we’ve done.  Now, because of what Jesus has done, we can live with Him forever.  That’s definitely a reason to celebrate! In What is Easter? 4-Week Preschool Ministry Curriculum, kids will learn that Easter is the story of God's love for us.

    What Is Easter Preschool

    What is Easter? Preschool Ministry Curriculum Lesson Overview: 

    Memory Verse: “We know what love is because Jesus Christ gave his life for us.” 1 John 3:16a (NIrV)


    Jesus Is Our King

    Scripture: Matthew 21:1-11, Jesus Enters Jerusalem as King

    When Jesus rode into town, the people realized that he was special. They laid down palm branches and coats, and shouted “Hosanna.” Jesus is special because he is the Son of God and our King.  At Easter we celebrate that Jesus is a good King. 

    Objective: Little ones will learn that “Jesus is my King.”

    Jesus Obeys The Father

    Scripture: Matthew 21:12-16, Jesus at the Temple

    The Temple was God's house, but the people there did not treat the temple nicely. When Jesus came to the temple and saw how people were acting, it made him sad and angry, and he reminded the people that we are to obey God alone.  Easter reminds us that Jesus obeyed God, even when no one else did.

    Objective: Little ones will learn that “Jesus obeys God the Father.”

    Jesus Took Our Place on the Cross

    Scripture: Matthew 26:36-46, Jesus in the Garden

    God loves us so much, he didn't want us to be stuck in our sin – the bad things we've done. Sin happens anytime we don’t do things God’s way.  We have all sinned and deserved the punishment for sin.  At Easter we remember that Jesus never sinned but he loves us so much that he chose to die on the cross to take the punishment we deserved for our sin.   

    Objective: Little ones will learn that “Jesus loves me and took my place.”

    Jesus is Alive

    Scripture: Matthew 27:51-28:10, Jesus Rises From the Dead

    “Resurrection” means to rise from the dead. Jesus did it! He was dead and then he rose to life again in POWER. At Easter we celebrate that Jesus has the power to save us. Jesus showed us that we can put our faith in him and trust him as our Savior.  That’s a reason to celebrate!

    Objective: Little ones will learn that “Jesus is my Savior.”

    About This Curriculum:

    • Perfect for kids ages 1-5
    • 4-weeks
    • Includes both large group and small group resources
    • This curriculum is an instant download
    • Download a free sample here.

    Each Lesson Includes:

    • Make It Stick! Parent Sheet
    • Memory Verse
    • Skit or Puppet Show
    • Sunday School Craft Activity
    • Large Group Lesson
    • Small Group Discussion
    • Special Lesson for 1 and 2 Year Olds
    • More!

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