There are so many great Bible stories with lessons that kids can apply to their own lives, or that set good foundations for a life built on God’s Word. So here are, gathered in Biblical chronological order, 17 of the best Bible stories for kids to learn before they grow up! It is important that kids learn the main foundational principals that the Bible teaches before reaching adulthood, so that they have a good solid place to return to for direction in life.

  1. Creation
  2. Adam & Eve
  3. Noah
  4. The Tower of Babel
  5. Abraham & Sarah
  6. Daniel & the Lion’s Den
  7. Jonah
  8. Jesus’ Birth
  9. Jesus’ Baptism
  10. Jesus is Tempted
  11. Feeding the Crowd
  12. The Good Samaritan
  13. The Lost Sheep
  14. Zacchaeus
  15. The Last Supper
  16. Jesus Dies on the Cross
  17. Jesus’ Resurrection

1. Creation – God created humans and the world

Bible Reference: Genesis 1-2

When making a list of the best Bible stories for kids, you have to start at the very beginning. Everyone will eventually wonder where they came from and why they are here. The creation story is important for all kids to know as it is the beginning point of the creation of humans and the Earth that is seen every day. You can help the kids in your Sunday school or Kids Church memorize the days of Creation with our Creation 8-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum.


2. Adam & Eve – No one can hide from God

Bible Reference: Genesis 2-3

The story of Adam and Eve teaches kids that although God is not seen, He sees everyone and knows every heart.  No one can, and should not adopt, the idea that God can be hidden from, but everyone should know and work towards a relationship with God built on honesty.

Adam And Eve Coloring Page


3. Noah – A great example of patience

Bible Reference: Genesis 6-9

It took Noah a long time to build the ark, and then it took a long time for the flood to end, and through it all he was patient. The story of Noah provides a beautiful example of faith as well. The fact that this Bible story features animals and a big boat makes it super easy to grab kids’ attention. Check out Noah's Big Boat 4-Week Preschool Ministry Curriculum to help little ones learn the story of Noah.

Noah's Ark Coloring Page


4.The Tower of Babel – Why different languages are spoken

Bible Reference: Genesis 11

The “why” question can come up a lot with kids, and this story gives the answer to one of them. Humans all around the world are different in the languages spoken, the way each person looks and lives, but inside at the heart of it all, everyone is a lot more similar than it looks from what is seen and heard on the outside.

Tower Of Babel Coloring Page


5. Abraham & Sarah – God can do the impossible

Bible Reference: Genesis 17, 18 & 21

The fact that Abraham and Sarah were way older than the average person will ever be is amazing to hear. The faith that they had to place in God to do what seemed impossible, to a human mind, is a great example of trusting God for what is impossible for humans.

Abraham Coloring Page


6. Daniel & the Lion’s Den – Faith in times of great trouble

Bible Reference: Daniel 6

Daniel and the Lion’s Den is exciting and thrilling, bringing faith to life through an animal encounter, which is something that anyone can imagine and relate to. Daniel’s strong unwavering faith is a great story to revert to in times of trouble. Showing an example of God’s protection and love for those who love and put their faith in Him.

Daniel In The Lions Den Coloring Page


7. Jonah – God is ultimately always in control

Bible Reference: Jonah 1-3

Even if it looks like God is not near, and in Jonah’s case, thinking he can run from God. The story of Jonah shows that ultimately God never loses sight of anyone and is always there no matter how far away He may feel. The thought of being inside of a whale can really capture the imagination of a child as they wonder “what would that be like?”  You can teach the exciting story of Jonah to your Preschool Ministry with our Jonah 4-Week Preschool Ministry Curriculum.

Jonah And The Big Fish Coloring Page


8. Jesus’ Birth – Jesus was a real human

Bible Reference: Matthew 1 & Luke 2

Jesus’ birth is pivotal in the understanding of the Christian faith and connects both the Old and the New Testament to each other. Even if a child does not go to a Christian church, the story of Jesus’ birth is well known, but the details of His birth story taught, and continually unveiled year after year, reveal a multitude of important lessons. The Life Of Jesus 12-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum will help your Kids Church study Jesus' life so kids can follow after Jesus.

No Room In the Inn Coloring Page



9. Jesus’ Baptism – What is baptism and why

Bible Reference: Matthew 3, Mark 1 & Luke 3

Baptism can be different depending on what denomination your church belongs to. The baptism of Jesus provides a solid foundation for the reason behind baptism and what it was intended for. It was an important part of Jesus’ life, and provides an explanation to the reason why people still get baptized today.

Jesus Gets Baptized Coloring Page


10. Jesus is Tempted – Jesus knows what you are feeling

Bible Reference: Matthew 4 & Luke 4

Although all kids may not know what being “tempted” means, they will all understand the concept. Jesus experienced temptation just as any human has and will. He provides a tangible response to temptation, one that any kid can use in their own life even at a young age.


11. Feeding the Crowd – God Can Work Through Anyone

Bible Reference: Matthew 14, Mark 8, Luke 9 & John 6

Kids are in and throughout the Bible, but the story of the feeding of the crowd shows that God can use anyone to help bring a miracle to life. This story is very relatable to kids and is mind blowing to think about for both kids and adults alike.

Jesus Feeds The 5,000 Coloring Page


12. The Good Samaritan – Kindness, empathy and compassion

Bible Reference: Luke 10

The Good Samaritan is an important Bible story for kids AND adults! This story shows kindness, empathy and compassion in a real-life example – as well as how easy it is to “look the other way” because we’re too busy with our own life. Crossing lines of race, income and social status, the Good Samaritan is a story that is relevant in the lives of kids and adults on a daily basis.

Good Samaritan Coloring Page


13. The Lost Sheep – The importance of everyone to God

Bible Reference: Matthew 18 & Luke 15

At some point, whether right now or later in life, each person is the lost sheep in this parable. It is important for kids to understand that it does not matter where they are, or how they got “lost”, but that they are always important to God.


14. Zacchaeus – God can change lives

Bible Reference: Luke 19

Zacchaeus is a very relatable story for kids.  Feeling like you’re left out, that you have no friends, or that you’re too little to be noticed are extremely relatable feelings for a child. The story of Zacchaeus shows the power of Jesus to erase loneliness, sadness and most importantly bring about forgiveness of our sins. Kids will see that if Zacchaeus could have a changed life, then so can they.


15. The Last Supper – The reason for communion

Bible Reference: Matthew 26 & Luke 22

If a child sits in on an adult church service, they will more than likely see communion being taken at some point before adulthood. Communion is a beautiful ritual and it is important that kids understand the who, what and why it is done, before they join in and begin taking it themselves.

The Last Supper Coloring Page


16. Jesus Dies on the Cross – How all sin was forgiven

Bible Reference: Matthew 27, Mark 15, Luke 23 & John 19

Jesus died on the cross for everyone, and it is important that a kid understands that. He died for every sin that was and is to come. The reason for Good Friday and the reason why a cross is such a well-known and important symbol in life, more specifically in the Christian life.

Jesus on the Cross Coloring Page


17. Jesus’ Resurrection – The reason to believe

Bible Reference: Matthew 28, Mark 16, Luke 24 & John 20

Why is Easter a celebration? Because Jesus fulfilled what God said would happen, and He did not die forever. He is alive, resurrected and walked the Earth again. He ascended to heaven and left us with the Great Commission, to be witnesses for Him.

He Is Risen Coloring Page


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