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The story of David & Goliath is a classic Bible story to teach to kids. That can sometimes leave you running out of new and creative ideas for how to tell the story in a different and exciting way. Creativity is hard to find when you have heard the same story retold for 5, 10 or even 20 years. 

To help you with a new take on this Bible story favorite, we’ve put together some ideas to help you pull together a lesson you’ll enjoy teaching. Plus, here is a free Sunday School lesson on David and Goliath


God is bigger than our fears

We will all encounter fears like the ones that David experienced in the story of David and Goliath. Someone who is bigger than us physically and mentally, someone that has a bigger “army”, someone that says mean things, and the list could go on and on. What we can all learn from this special story is that God is so much bigger than our fears! So, when we are scared or fearful of something, it is helpful to remember the story of David and Goliath. This story is a perfect example of standing up to your fears with the promises and truths of God on our side.

God can do the impossible

There are so many stories in the Bible where things looked impossible! David and Goliath, Jonah and the Big Fish, the Christmas Story, etc. The Bible is full of stories about the impossible! David and Goliath is a very relatable story about the impossible. Many of us have encountered something that we feared or didn’t know how to overcome. The story of David and Goliath shows all of us that if we rely on the strength and power of God instead of our own that God can really do the impossible!


David, Goliath & The Rocks

Supplies Needed: Five small rubber balls, one big ball (like a basketball) and tape to make a border around Goliath (the basketball).

Test the game out ahead of time, the idea is that you must use the five small balls to hit the big ball out of the boundary. So, make sure your border/square/rectangle is a reasonable distance to knock the Goliath ball out of the boundary. 

Israelites vs. Philistines (Set to be played like Red Rover)

Split them up into two teams, and have the opposite teams yell the opposite’s name.

The Israelite team yells “Philistines! Philistines! Send Goliath right over” Chosen kid (different every round) runs over trying to break apart the locked arms of that team. If they break the lock than the kid can go back to their team, if not then the kid that ran must now join their team. 

Philistine team yells “Israelites! Israelites! Send David right over!” Chosen kid runs over and does the same as above.

Winning team is the team who gains all or the most kids. 



Get creative! Stones could be cookies (Google: No-Bake Cookies) that you buy or make! They can be grapes! They can be raisins! They can even be chocolate balls! Anything can work! Children have a big imagination so feed into it by bringing anything that looks even remotely like a rock and your job is done, easy and creative!

Cheese and Crackers

The Bible tells us that David brought bread and cheese to the Israelite army. That is the why he was sent there. He was not sent to fight Goliath, that just happened after he got there. So, serve cheese and crackers and explain to them that cheese and crackers are kind of similar to what David was delivering to the Israelite army.



If you have two brave and spontaneous leaders on hand have the smaller one get on the shoulders of the stronger one and have them play the part of Goliath! Take it even one step further and find some cheap costume armor at your local thrift shop or even pre-order it on Amazon! Also, any helmet will work for fun to put on the person who is on the top!

Sling and Stone

You can find slings at most toy stores or you may even be able to find one online if you are planning far enough ahead of time. Or you can stuff a sock into a tube sock to create a prop sling. Make sure you have five small stones (sock balls) as well to help bring the story to life!


1 SAMUEL 17:45

David said to the Philistine – Cup hands around your mouth like shouting

“You come against me – Pointing fingers away from yourself and then at yourself

with sword, and spear and javelin – Make fists and imitate a sword swinging, spear thrusting, and javelin throwing.

but I come against you – Pointing fingers at yourself and then away from yourself

in the name of the Lord Almighty – Pointing fingers up

the God of the armies of Israel – Making marching motions with arms and stomping feet

whom you have defied.” – Point away while you continue last motion and end with one hard stomp!

PSALM 27:1 (Explain to them that this verse was written by the David from this story)

“The Lord is my light – Pointing up

and my salvation – Stretch arms out like a cross

whom shall I fear? – Cross arms over chest

The Lord is the stronghold of my life – Make muscle arms

of whom shall I be afraid?” – Cross arms over chest


Set the Scene

Write out the verse on a sheet of paper at the bottom or on the back, have the other side blank and have the kids draw out the two different armies and how big they think Goliath was and how big they think David was. Tell them to take it home and explain the story to their parents. You can also add in other things like the name of the story “David & Goliath” or “Ask me what I learned today!” or “God is bigger than our fears”.



Does anyone know what this is? It’s a helmet! That’s right and what does it protect? It protects our heads doesn’t it! So, in our Bible story it tells us that Goliath was wearing a helmet!  He was making sure he was protected. Even though he knew he was bigger than everyone in the Israelite army we still know he was scared because we know that when we put helmets on, we are scared or afraid of getting hurt. Right?! If I thought I was going to be ok, would I wear a helmet? No way, I put a helmet on when I ride a bike outside because I’m scared that if I hit my head I’ll get really hurt. So, I put a helmet on to make sure that I’m protected. Goliath may have sounded like he wasn’t scared by the mean things he said, he may have tried to pretend that everything was fine, but we know that he was a human just like us. He had fears just like us too! You know what though, even though he had his helmet to protect his head and he had all the right gear to win the battle. David went into the battle with God! Does anyone think that David might have been afraid of Goliath!? Probably, right? You know what though boys and girls, we can always remember that God is so much bigger than our fears and He is bigger and stronger than anything or anyone that is trying to scare us!

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