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Wondering Which 2024 VBS Theme To Use Next Year?

There are many fun, and new Vacation Bible School themes to choose from for 2024.  You may also see some familiar themes listed below as some producers are offering their 2023 VBS themes again.

Hopefully we can help make choosing the right one a little easier with this list of some of the most popular 2024 VBS themes for this year.  We've included the promotional videos as well as links to each VBS theme creator's page so you can learn more about each one.  Happy planning! 

What A Mess! - CMD 2024 VBS Theme

 Check out the entire 5-Day VBS

Scuba - Group 2024 VBS Theme

Dive Below the Surface to Build a Strong Faith! Take kids deep into an amazing undersea adventure where they’ll experience the ever-flowing, never-ending love of God. At Scuba VBS, kids will be immersed in the Word and discover what living water is really all about!

You can find more info on the Stellar 2023 VBS on Group's website here.


Breaker Rock Beach - Lifeway 2024 VBS Theme

Kids will be challenged as they discover that God’s truth never changes, everyone needs Jesus, and learn to speak the truth in love. Adventure awaits each day as kids explore tide pools, spot orcas, fly kites, and watch the mighty waves crash up against the immovable Breaker Rock!

You can find more info on the Breaker Rock Beach 2024 VBS on Lifeway's website here.

Outback Rock - Group 2024 VBS Theme

Get Hoppin’ to the Wildest Weekend Down Under! On this Aussie adventure, kids explore God’s monumental love and discover what it means to have an unshakable faith.


You can find more info on the Babylon 2023 VBS theme on Group's website Here

Jungle Journey - Answers 2024 VBS Theme

At this VBS, your kids will explore the biblical answers to these questions as they set off on an epic adventure from Genesis to Revelation. Amid sloths, butterflies, river dolphins, and dart frogs, your children will sail along on a fun jungle cruise, stopping at seven ports of call. These ports are the 7 C’s of History: Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross, and Consummation. Kids will discover how these events shape our world, and they will learn to reconnect the Bible to their everyday life.

If you have more questions about Jungle Journey 2024 VBS Theme, click here.

TBD - 2024 Cokesburry VBS Theme 

Hometown Nazareth- Group 2024 VBS Theme

Get the inside scoop from Jesus’ mom, Mary! Take kids back to Hometown Nazareth, where they’ll stand up for their faith among people who doubt that a carpenter’s son is really God’s Son.

Click here to find more info on Hometown Nazareth 2024 VBS Curriculum. 

TBD - 2024 VBS Orange Theme  

WildLive - RBP 2024 VBS Theme 

An animal theme where kids encounter creatures from around the planet, complete with amazing skills, special habitats, and surprising features. Through the lessons, students will focus on Jesus’ captivating character and discover how to follow Him in their own “habitats.”

Look for more info? Click here to see the WildLIVE product page.


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