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117+ Bible Trivia Games For Kids

Bible Trivia Games For Kids

117+ Bible Trivia Games For Kids - Download Your Favorite Today!

Are you searching for fun, new Bible trivia games for kids to use in your Children's Church?  Kids often learn best through play so it's definitely a good idea to have plenty of game ideas handy.

One of our newest Bible trivia games is, the Bible Riddle game that's part of our Breakout VBS Media Pack.  You can watch a sample of the game here:

With all of the Bible trivia games on this page you'll find over 500 Bible Trivia questions and answers for Kids. Questions like:

What is the first book in the Bible?

A. Genesis

B. Judges

C. Exodus

D. Leviticus

How many books are in the Old Testament?

A. 42

B. 39

C. 44

D. 37

In which Philistine town did Goliath live?

A. Gath

B. Ekron

C. Ashdod

D. Gaza

What does Jesus call us?

A. The salt of the earth

B. The seasoning of life

C. The sword of truth

D. The water of the earth


Each video has several questions about a particular passage of Scripture or about a particular Bible theme.  You can play these videos as an intro before your service begins, as a fun game during your lesson or as a review quiz after a lesson.  Plus all these games are available as digital downloads so if you need a game right now - you're in luck! 


Looking for a particular topic?  Just browse the topical list below to narrow your search and find the game you need:

Books Of The Bible Trivia Game
Bible Trivia Games from the Old Testament
Bible Trivia Games from the New Testament
Christmas Bible Trivia Games
Easter Bible Trivia Games


You can also order a bundle of 100 game videos for only $97 here.  We've also included the entire list of Bible trivia games for kids below.  You can watch our popular Books of the Bible Trivia Game here:

Ministry to Children also has a great list of Bible trivia games for kids you can find here.