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Bible Games For Kids

You can never have to many Bible game ideas for kids.  Whether it's for Sunday school, weeknight service, Bible study, VBS, summer camp, mission trip, or just family game night, having a fun new game idea is always a hit!

Bible games are a great way to get the wiggles out before or after a lesson.  Games that tie in to a specific Bible lesson or story can help make a lesson more memorable for kids versus just listening to a sermon.

On this page you will find links to collections of different Bible games and activities by game type so that you can find the perfect game idea for your ministry or to play at home with your kids.  Whether you need a fun & easy game to play indoors, outdoors, with a large group or a small group just check out the items below to find your favorite new game today!

Bible Game Ideas For Kids:

Bible Bingo Games

Fruit of the Spirit Bingo

We've made several Bible Bingo Games that you can download for FREE!  We have Bible Bingo for major holidays and we have bingo games for specific Bible themes so you'll have plenty of game options for your Children's Ministry or Sunday School.  Click here to check out all the bingo games.





Bible Word Search

Armor of God Word Search

Our Bible word searches can help kids remember Sunday school lessons and Bible stories so they can go home and tell their friends what they learned at church! We've made several awesome word searches for Bible stories and holidays that you can print and use in your Sunday School or Children's Church.  Many of these word searches coordinate perfectly with some of our lessons and curriculum. Click here to check out all of the Bible Word Searches.




Minute To Win It Games for Kids

Minute to Win It Games For KidsIf you want some Minute to Win It Games for Children's Ministry you are in the right place!  We know how helpful it is to have new Bible Games for Kids, so we've made tons of Minute to Win It games for all the major holidays and some with even more specific themes so you'll have plenty of game options for your Children's Ministry or Sunday School.  Easter Minute to Win It games are the most downloaded collection. If you want something to match a specific theme check out  our Science Minute to Win It Games and Superhero Minute to Win It Games. 



Bible Mazes

Bible MazesUse some of our fun Bible mazes whenever you need a quick activity idea for your Sunday School or weeknight programming. Kids can be reminded of different Bible stories or lessons that have been taught as they work their way through the mazes. You can download print as many copies of each maze as you need to use in your Sunday School or Children's Church. Click here to see all of the Bible mazes.




Bible Word Jumble

Thanksgiving Word JumbleOne super simple game idea is Bible Word Jumbles like the ones on this page.  Simply give the kids a word or phrase - it can be a theme from a Bible lesson or simply a holiday - and challenge them to see how many other words they can create using only the letters in the original word. It's fun!  You might even give it a try yourself! Click here to see all of our Word Jumbles.




Bible Trivia For Kids

Bible Trivia For Kids

Use Bible Trivia Games to Learn about Bible Stories! Kids love games like Trivia. Our Bible Trivia Games can help kids remember Sunday school lessons and Bible stories so they can go home and tell their friends what they learned at church! Click here to view all the Bible Trivia Game videos.





VBS Games

VBS Games For Kids

Stock up on new games for your VBS this Summer.  No matter which VBS program you are using, it can't hurt to have some extra game ideas.  When you've got a room full of kids hyped up on Kool-aid and animal crackers you'll be glad you stocked up on some new game ideas to help get the wiggles out!  Click here to download some free VBS games today.





Here's an example trivia game video from our Bible Trivia Videos Bundle Deal

If you are looking for some online Bible Games for your kids to play you can check out AdventureBibleMomJunction is also another resource you can use to find Bible games for kids.