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Let’s be honest: doing plays in church can be hard. You have to find the right number of guys and girls to play all the guy and girl roles. You have to make costumes because buying them costs waaaaay too much! You have to build sets. You have to get the lighting right. You need so many wireless microphones for all those characters with new batteries. You also have to get everyone - your actors, your costume people, your stage helpers, your sound and light helpers - all in the same place at the same time more than once so you can put the whole show together.
This play doesn’t just tell the Easter story. It tells the story of the gospel in the context of the whole Bible. Your audience and cast will experience the Creation story and the fall of man; the rise of the kingdom of Israel and the promise of a Messiah; the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem; the crucifixion story; and of course, the resurrection. All of these stories combine to present a message of hope, reminding us the Bible is a love story. Once we were lost. Now we can be saved, thanks to Jesus!


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