M&Ms Prayer For Hurricane Irma

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Print this M&Ms Prayer for Hurricane Irma for everyone in your church!

This is a quick and easy way to remind your entire church to pray for all those affected by Hurricane Irma.  Simply attach a bag of M&Ms to the page and pass them out this Sunday morning to everyone in your church.  Print as many copies of this prayer as you need for your church.  This PDF file is designed to be printed on letter size paper.  Just click the green "Add to Cart" button above, and you can checkout for free.

M&Ms Prayer for Hurricane Irma Text: 

Green - Pray for everyone in Florida who has been affected by this hurricane. Pray for God to comfort those who are afraid, those who are sad, and those who have lost so much. Pray that they would be able to rebuild quickly.

Blue - Pray for all of the islands who were hit with the hurricane first and have much less help to rebuild. Pray that they would receive the help they need. Pray that God would comfort those who have lost everything.

Yellow - Pray for all of the Christians who live in these areas or are traveling to these areas to help. Pray that they would show God's love to their neighbors as they help them rebuild. Pray that God would show them creative ways that they can help encourage and love people.

Brown - Pray that God would protect people from sickness and injury as they wait for their homes to be rebuilt and power to be restored.

Red - Pray for all of the aid workers who are going to be traveling to these areas to help. Pray that God would give them strength to do their work. Pray that God would keep them healthy and safe. Pray that God would keep their families safe while they are away helping others.

Orange - Pray that God would show you how you can help. Pray that he would show you if there is an amount of money you can give or something else you can contribute to help people in these areas recover from the hurricane.

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