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Sample the first lesson from our Fear Patrol 4-Week Preschool Ministry Curriculum!

Everyone gets scared at some point. Whenever we feel afraid, we can remember that God is always with us and loves us. God's perfect love can make our fear, disappear! In Fear Patrol 4-Week Preschool Ministry Curriculum, kids will learn “when I’m scared, I can remember God is with me.”

Fear Patrol Preschool Ministry Curriculum

Fear Patrol Sample Lesson Overview:

Memory Verse: “Perfect love drives away fear.” 1 John 4:18b (NIrV)

We've Got a Problem

Scripture: Genesis 26:1-10, Isaac and Abimelech

Isaac had a problem – he was scared. His fear caused him to lie to other people. When we are scared, we might do foolish or bad things. We can choose to tell the truth, do what's right, and not let our fear take over.   

Objective: Kids will say, “I'm not scared to tell the truth.”

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