Use this object lesson on God's love to teach kids that they God will love them no matter what.

Big Idea: God will never give up on us.

We've included the text for this object lesson below and we even recorded a video to help give you ideas for how to teach it.  Enjoy watching!

God's Love Object Lesson Script

How many of you help with the vacuuming in the house? For those of you who have vacuumed or watched your parents do it, let me give you a scenario. Let me know if you've seen or done this before.

You're going along vacuuming the floor and you see a large piece of lint or something on the floor. You run the vacuum over it pull it back and the lint still there. You stop. It shouldn't be there. You you run the vacuum over it again, still there! You try it again and it's still! There so what do you do? You put the vacuum in the upright position, you pickup the lint, you look at it, and then you set it back down on the floor so you can try again. Kind of silly isn't it? You've picked it up in your hands. Common sense would say to throw that piece away in the trash can. But no; you gave the vacuum a second chance. Sometimes it lets you down even after you've lent it a hand, but other times that little bit of movement is just what the vacuum needs suck up that piece of lint.

In a funny way this little scenario reminds me of how God is with us. God puts people in our lives so we can share the gospel with them through our words and our deeds. But we walk on by and don't do anything, but God gives us another shot. But we let them down again and again and again so God steps in and gives them or us a nudge so we can have a second chance. It must drive God nuts sometimes the way we keep missing the moments he gives us. If it does, he doesn't show it, he just keeps on giving us another chance. God knows we're not perfect, that's why he died. To pay the price for our sins. That's why he still gives us second chances.

It's embarrassing to think of all the times you might have failed him, but we can take comfort in this, God will never ever give up on us, so long as you're willing to follow him he will always be willing to give you a second chance.

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