Doughnuts 10 Commandments Printable

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FREE Doughnuts 10 Commandments Printable! 

This is a great way you can teach kids The Ten Commandments!  This free printable comes in two sizes - one small letter size for handing out, and one large size so you can print a poster for your wall.

Click here for tips for simple ways to explain the 10 commandments to kids.

Doughnuts 10 Commandments: 

  1. Your favorite doughnut: No other gods besides God
  2. That's Not A Doughnut: No idols, worship only God
  3. Names Matter: Always treat God's name with respect
  4. Doughnut Sunday: Have a day to rest and thank God every week
  5. Too Many Doughnuts: Obey your parents
  6. Don't Sprinkle Insults: Do not hurt others with words or actions
  7. Not Your Doughnuts: Keep your promises to others and God
  8. Pay for the Doughnuts: Do not steal from others
  9. Custard vs. Cream Filled Doughnuts: Always tell the truth 
  10. Jealous Jelly Doughnuts- Don't be jealous or envious of others 

Use this resource with our new Doughnuts 12-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum - click here to check it out.

Doughnuts Children's Ministry Curriculum


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