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Sample this Sunday School Lesson from our Fast Faith 6-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum!

Every fast food restaurant has a catchy slogan to try and get you in the door for a quick meal. That meal usually tastes great when you’re eating it, but in a few hours, you’re usually hungry again.  Jesus promises to give us something great too, but what Jesus promises won’t leave us hungry and wanting more.  Jesus says we can put our faith in him because he can take care of everything we need for all of eternity - talk about a happy meal! In our Fast Faith 6-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum, kids will learn the importance of living out their faith.


Fast Faith Children's Ministry Curriculum

Fast Faith Sample Lesson Overview:

Memory Verse: But anyone who drinks the water I give them will never be thirsty. In fact, the water I give them will become a spring of water in them. It will flow up into eternal life. John 4:14 (NIrV)

I'm Livin' It

Scripture: Luke 5:1-11, Jesus Calls the First Disciples

At McDonald's, their customers say, “I'm Lovin' It.” For those who have put their faith in Jesus, we can rejoice and “love it,” knowing that we are saved by God's grace.  But in addition to loving it, God wants us to share the joy we have found in Him with others.  We do that when we “live it” out and treat others with kindness, love, and truth the way Christ did.  

Objective: Kids will learn that God calls me to live out my faith. 

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