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When we were kids, the church's ministry to us had names like “Sunday School,” “Children's Church” and “Midweek Services.” Times have changed! More often than not, today's kids' ministries have fun, cool, hip, and cutting-edge names. 

There's nothing wrong with a “hip” name (even though our kids say no one says “hip” anymore), but you also want a name that says something about your ministry and your commitment to Jesus and the Bible. That's why we've compiled this list of meaningful and memorable names that are still cool. Whether you are starting, rebuilding, or merely re-branding a ministry to kids, we hope that you'll find an idea here to help you out.

Here's our list of 25 Awesome Names for your children's ministry (and a couple more that we think are okay):

Name: CrossRoad Kids

Why It's Awesome: The name conveys to kids that we are all on a journey and that we put the cross of Christ at the center of that journey. Kids will learn that even though the journey is sometimes a stroll and sometimes a hike, walking with Jesus is always the way to go. And now you have an excuse to eat trail mix every week during snack time. 

Name: Splash Kids

Why It's Awesome: You can always challenge kids to dive into God's Word. Your kids will always be reminded to make a splash for Jesus. And you might be able to convince your senior pastor to put a pool in next year's budget (or at least a trip to the water park).

Name: River Kids

Why It's Awesome: Water imagery appears throughout the Bible, the most important being that Jesus is the Living Water. And with the elementary kids being Rivers, your younger ones can be Puddles, Creeks, and Streams. We guess that makes the adults in your church Old Geysers, but we're not going to tell them.

Name: R.O.C.K. - Rolling Out Christ's Kingdom

Why It's Awesome: Who doesn't love a good acronym? (There are several on this list.) This one does double duty: Jesus is our Rock, and Jesus called us to bring about His kingdom. And if you add a Y (for Yay!) at the end, you have an excuse to play the Rocky theme in church every week.

Name: SONshine Beach

Why It's Awesome: Celebrating Jesus while wearing flip flops and sunglasses! What could be better? The bright, warm space that you'll create for SONshine Beach will be a welcoming place for new kids and regulars alike. And volunteers will be lining up to soak up some rays.

Name: Ignite

Why It's Awesome: All of us – even kids – want to feel like we are a part of something bigger than ourselves. This name conveys that you want to ignite in your kids a love for Jesus, and that they can then go and light up the world for Him.

Name: Powerhouse Kids

Why It's Awesome: Kids are often being told they are too young, too small, or too weak to do the things they want to do. In church, we want them to learn that whatever our shortcomings, that we can tap into a power greater than ourselves – Jesus.  

Name: Highway 412

Why It's Awesome: Do we really have to explain why this one's awesome? You get to decorate your space with cars!!!! Also, you can use the highway number to emphasize your ministry's theme verse. (In this case, 1 Timothy 4:12: “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.) 

Name: Overdrive

Why It's Awesome: Once again – CARS!!! Kids will be encouraged to tap into their source of power – Jesus through the Holy Spirit – and shift their faith into overdrive. So get those unpaid parking tickets out of your glove compartment, and get to decorating.

Name: [Your Church Name] Kids

Why It's Okay: On the upside, it ties your ministry to the larger ministry of the congregation. On the downside, it's a little simple. And if you attend Bleeker Street Baptist Church, you'll probably want to avoid calling your little ones, Bleeker Kids.

Name: [Your Church Name] J.A.M.

Why It's Awesome: This may be the way to go if your kids ministry has stellar praise and worship music. The name allows you to incorporate your congregation's name AND get in your all-important acronym. And while kids learn about “Jesus And Me,” they'll also be jamming out as they praise God.

Name: Kingdom Kids

Why It's Awesome: In Matthew 6:33, Jesus tells us to seek God's kingdom above all else. This ministry name emphasizes that command, while also giving you the opportunity to create a fairy tale or Camelot vibe in your space. Kids and parents alike will be talking about Kingdom Kids all day and all knight! 

Name: KidsClub+

Why It's Awesome: KidsClub is a pretty common name for a children's ministry. But just as companies like Disney, Paramount, and ESPN have discovered, you can infuse new life in your brand when you at that little “+” sign. And for your ministry, there is so much in that +: opportunities for kids to learn, to serve, and to begin and nurture a life-changing relationship with Jesus. It's all pluses, no minuses.

Name: The Neighborhood

Why It's Awesome: Turn your space into its own town. Pick up the memory verse at the post office, make crafts at the hardware store, and enjoy snacks at the cafe. (But don't have nap time at the school; it sends the wrong message.) Along the way, you'll teach kids the importance of loving their neighbor while recognizing that we are all neighbors.

Name: Bible Junction

Why It's Awesome: Kids and adults alike are fascinated by trains. Create a depot in your space that teaches kids the importance of God's word in your ministry. It's a great way to keep them on track. . . get it? Trains, track. 

Name: J.O.Y. Kids

Why It's Awesome: Teach your kids about seeking first God's kingdom. Kids will find their joy when they prioritize “Jesus – Others – You.” And we know how much joy this name will bring to all of you acronym-loving leaders!

Name: NextGen

Why It's Okay: We like this name for its cool, slightly edgy name. We also like that it leaves ministries a lot of freedom on how to decorate and execute the concept. The biggest downside is that it could reinforce the idea that kids are the church of tomorrow, rather than acknowledging the reality that they are part of the church NOW!

Name: NOW Church

Why It's Awesome: This name emphasizes that kids are not just the future of the Christian church, they belong to it in the here and now. It's a name that can also generate a lot of interest from volunteers who want to be a part of what God is up to. We didn't come up with an acronym for this one, but feel free to give it a try.

Name: Kids Quest

Why It's Awesome: This name taps into the energy of the gamer-generation. Select a theme verse as your Main Quest, such as Matthew 6:33 (Seek first the kingdom of God) or Matthew 28:16-20 (The Great Commission). Each week's lesson can be seen as a side quest that helps equip kids for the Main Quest. And as the leader, you finally have an excuse to come to church dressed up as Zelda.

Name: MissionKids or Kids on a Mission

Why It's Awesome: If your congregation puts special emphasis on missions, this name may hit the mark. The name shows kids that they can be involved in missions even when they're young and our mission field is wherever we are. And a bonus: you can use your spy voice to make special recordings, “Your mission, kids, if you choose to accept it. . .” 

Name: B.L.A.S.T. Kids (Being Light and Salt Together)

Why It's Awesome: Kids will learn the importance of being salt and light in this world, and will have a Blast doing it. When we follow Jesus, it creates a blast that will start a chain reaction. And if you behave yourself all year, the senior pastor may even let you set off some fire crackers at church one Sunday in July.

Name: Faith Factory

Why It's Awesome: What better way to convey that you are building your ministry and the faith of your kids than with the name Faith Factory? You can create a cool industrial look for your space and can incorporate S.T.E.M. experiments and projects into your lessons about the incredible world that God has built. And don't forget your hard hat.

Name: Kid Connection

Why It's Awesome: No matter our ages, humans are made for connection: Connection to God and connection to other people. Use the two greatest commandments as your theme verses while you help kids create lifelong relationships with each other and with their Savior. (You could also go with Kid Konnection. We're not great fans of teaching kids how to misspell words, but you do you.) 

Name: Bible Island

Why It's Awesome: Transform your space into a tropical paradise that kids will be eager to spend time in each week. Each week's memory verse could come as a message in a bottle. Special guests could arrive by boat to bring the message. And you can make each week's snack out of sand. (. . . Okay, our lawyers tell us that the last one is a bad idea.)

Name: Uzuri Land

Why It's Awesome: Take your kids on a weekly safari through the beautiful Serengeti region, as you teach them about God's grace. (Uzuri is a Swahili word meaning beauty and grace.) Kids will love learning about and interacting with the wildlife and terrain of another part of the world. Now you just have to convince the church committee to let you buy a jeep, take it apart, and then reconstruct it IN your room. 

Name: iKids 51

Why It's Awesome: It has a techie vibe, but the name goes much deeper. The “i” stands for Image – we are created in God's image, we are the image bearers of Christ. The 51 reminds kids of the theme verse, “Follow God's example, therefore, as dearly loved children,” Ephesians 5:1. You will, however, get the occasional person coming to drop off their phone at the Genius Bar.

Name: KickStart

Why It's Awesome: If your ministry to kids is undergoing a revamp or a rebuild, a name like KickStart conveys to both the adults and kids in your church that this is the beginning of exciting things ahead. The name has energy, life, and joy – all the things you want for your kids' ministry. And it gives us a chance to sneak in one more acronym: K.I.C.K. (Kids In Christ's Kingdom) Start.

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