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Candy Bar Christmas Story

Candy Bar Christmas StoryShare this on Pinterest!  The story of Christmas is no MILK DUDS.  It’s the greatest story ever told!  The Christmas story began when an angel visited Mary to tell her she would have a son who would be the LIFESAVERS of the world.  Her husband Joseph was a MR. GOODBAR and stayed with Mary even though they got SNICKERS from everyone in town.  When it was time for the BABY RUTH Jesus to be born, Mary and Joseph were in a CRUNCH because there was ZERO room in the inn.  The shepherds said “Let’s TAKE 5, we have to see the new born King!"  There were also 3 MUSKETEERS Wise Men who saw the STARBURST in the MILKY WAY and followed it to come and worship Jesus.  These wise men knew that that, Jesus, the Savior of the world, is better than any PAYDAY.  That’s why Jesus is the RIESEN for the Christmas Season.  ALMOND JOY to the world, the Lord is come!  Merry Christmas!  

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