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Science Bible Lessons and Resources

Use Science to Teach Kids Bible Lessons!  

Science Bible LessonsScience + Children's Ministry = Awesome!  This is a collection of all of our science-themed Children's Ministry resources that you can use in your Children's Church or Sunday School.  Our two best-selling curriculum series are Bible Science and Experiments in Faith and our brand new series is called Hands On Faith.

8 Science Object Lessons for Children's Ministry

Use these 8 science object lessons for children's ministry to plug into kids' curiosity ... By Jennifer Hooks on June 8, 2016 Bible Activities, Children's Messages.

10 Science Experiments for Children's Ministry

Jan 3, 2013 - Here are 10 wonder-filled, hands-on science experiments for kids -- to ... while at the same time growing their understanding of biblical truths?

7 Science Experiments to Teach Bible Lessons

Apr 16, 2017 - Take your kids to a scientific dimension, where Bible lessons are waiting to be discovered! Kids love the Bible Truth Discovery Zone because ...

4 fun science experiments to illustrate your next Bible lesson - United ...

Often overlooked is science. God has created an incredible world full of fascinating laws and elements. Use science to illustrate and bring your lessons to life.