New 100% Pure Children's Ministry Essential Oils Now Available!

Undiluted, Natural Aromatherapy, Therapeutic Grade

We know curriculum isn't the only "essential" you need for your Children's Ministry!

Essential Oils

After listening to the needs and concerns of hundreds of Children’s Ministry leaders like you, we finally have just what you need to combat some of your biggest headaches.

We consulted with a leading team of expert aromatherapists, and we are proud to announce we have created a custom line of essential oils for Children’s Ministry leaders.

Now You May Be Asking "Are These Safe for Me & My Kids?"

  • Our new line of Children’s Ministry Essential Oils is developed specifically with kids in mind. With our specialized undiluted, natural oils, these are not only kid-friendly but they are also effective too!
  • 100% certified to have NO ADDITIVES or FILLERS
  • Every bottle of our Children’s Ministry Essential Oils goes through multiple rounds of intense organoleptic testing.

How Can I Use Essential Oils in My Children’s Ministry?

Brain Power Essential Oil

Do you struggle to get your volunteers to show up on time on Sunday mornings?  Instead of giving out cute cards with gum attached that says something clever like “Your service ‘MINT’ a lot to me”, try this instead:  send home a note that says “you are an ESSENTIAL part of our team” with a bottle of our BRAIN POWER essential oil - they’ll never be late again!

Focus, Mind Calming, Concentration Essential Oil

Wish there was some way to get your kids to pay attention more during the lesson?  Well, now there is! Inspired by Exodus 29:7, simply anoint your kids’ heads with our new FOCUS essential oil to help them pay better attention to your lesson than they ever have before!

Psalm 23:5 Essential Oil

Our Psalm 23:5 oil is perfect to use with little ones during snack time. It will aid the digestion of any snacks you provide (goldfish, animal crackers, Cheerios, etc.) and lead to better focus during lesson time.

Calming the Crazy Essential Oil

Hyperactive kids driving you CRAZY?? Simply add our Calming The Crazy oil to your diffuser and place it at the check-in station.  It will be like watching Jesus calm the storm before your very eyes.


We also have many more available! Click HERE to view all of the Children's Ministry Oils and order your first shipment today!




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