Children's Ministry Deals is excited to announce that we've developed the brand new CP Smart Watch with Volunteer Tracking. This amazing device includes all the features you've come to expect from a smart watch (fitness tracker, text/call alerts, etc.) but comes in special bright colors chosen with a children's pastor's sense of style in mind. It also introduces the first ever volunteer tracking and reminder system.

These can be given as gifts to your volunteers as it will operate for them just like a normal smart watch. They'll be ecstatic with such an amazing gift.  The benefit for you, is that you can program each device so that it syncs with that volunteer's specific commitment schedule. Then each weekend, an hour before they're supposed to serve, they will receive a small electric shock with a reminder that it's time to volunteer. The locking mechanism will also engage to prevent the volunteer from removing the watch until they report to church.

The device can also be programmed so that the shocks will get increasingly stronger and more frequent the further a volunteer gets away from the church and decrease as they get closer. It's kind of like the "warmer or colder game." Eventually the shocks will help guide the volunteer back to church ready to serve at their scheduled time. 

We're very excited about not only encouraging volunteers to get more exercise, but also being a part of helping them become better people by keeping their commitments. 

Limited Quantity Available.

These will be on sale for 1 day only on April 1, 2021.




April Fools!

There aren't actually any volunteer tracking Fitbits available - yet. :-)

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