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Emoji Origami Game

Emoji Origami Game

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You Can Use This Emoji Origami Game Along With Our New Emoji 8-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum 

This PDF file includes instructions on how to fold the page into an Emoji origami game.  We called these whirlybirds when I was a kid.

Two or more people can play the Emoji origami game or you can use it to entertain yourself.  Haha!  Here’s how to play:

1. One child should put their fingers into the flaps on the underside of the whirlybird. Another child should pick a color from the four choices. If green is chosen, then spell out the word GREEN as you push and pull the whirlybird for each letter.

2. Now the picking child should pick a number from the ones available. Whatever number is chosen, push/pull the whirlybird that many times.

3. Pick another number and repeat.

4. For the third time, the picker will choose a final number and they will then look under the flap of the number they chose where they will see the Emoji message for them! 

Here's what the game looks like when it's finished:

Emoji Fortune TellerEmoji Fortune Teller

You can download our new Emojis 8-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum to use in your Children's Ministry too!  Just click the graphic: 

Emojis 8-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum

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