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Sample this FREE Sunday School Lesson from our The Me I Can't See 4-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum!

Whether we're kids or adults, most of the time we are preoccupied with the concerns of this life. But Christ calls us to adjust our focus to the life to come. In this series, kids will take a look at heaven, the soul, and how the choices we make in this life have an impact on the life to come. In The Me I Can't See 4-Week Children’s Ministry Curriculum, kids will learn that God created us to live with him forever. 

The Me I Can't See Children's Ministry Curriculum

FREE The Me I Can't See Sunday School Lesson Overview

Memory Verse: “And what is eternal life? It is knowing you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.” John 17:3 (NIrV)

The Me I Can't See

Scripture: Genesis 1:27, 2:4-9, Creation; Luke 16:19-31, Lazarus & the Rich Man

Humans were created in God's image and the very breath of God is breathed into us. We were designed to live forever in his presence. Even after our bodies die, our souls live on in eternity. 

Objective: Kids will learn that God created us and designed us to live with him forever.


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