We asked our 17,000+ member Children's Pastors Only Facebook group what they do for backpack outreach in their Children's Ministry.

Have you ever wondered the best way to distribute backpacks or school supplies for your community? We know this is something that everyone thinks about doing but can never seem to follow through with it. We gathered some awesome advice on the best ways to distribute the backpacks and school supplies. 

Here are the top five:

1. We do not do a backpack outreach

2. The backpacks are pre-loaded with supplies and the kids get to choose one when they arrive

3. We choose pre-loaded backpacks for the kids and they are given one according to gender

4. The kids choose a backpack, then they go through a line where supplies are laid out

5. The kids pick a backpack and then are given a pre-loaded bag of supplies

Here's a snapshot of the actual poll results.  Scroll down below the image to find some helpful links.

How to do backpack outreach in Children's Ministry?

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