Have a question about Children's Ministry?  We've compiled a list of some of the most common questions Children's Ministry Workers from all around the country have asked in our Children's Pastor's Only Facebook group.  We've done our best to provide some helpful answers to each one of these questions.  All of you have to do is click on the question you want answered and you will be taken to a page with the answer.

What's the best Children's Ministry check in system?

What are the best Children’s Ministry conferences?

What's the best Children's Ministry Curriculum?

Where can I find printable activity worksheets for Children's Ministry?

What is the best way to improve Children's Ministry Volunteer recruitment?

What are the best Children's Ministry Volunteer Appreciation ideas?

How do improve communication with your Children's Ministry Volunteers?

What Children's Ministry Volunteer Training do you use?

What do you put into a first time visitor bag for your Children's Ministry?

How do you keep the kids engaged for worship?

Where can I find worship videos with actions?

How do you discipline disruptive kids?

Why use a Facebook group page for communicating with your Children’s Ministry?

What background company do you hire for background checks?

Where do I find legal documentation regarding building codes, insurances, safety and regulations?

Where can I buy Children’s Bibles?

Where can I find a speaker for camp?

Where do you hire a Children’s Pastor?