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Save BIG with our 24-Hour Children's Ministry Bundle!

Our 24-HOUR BUNDLE includes 19 FUN Children's Ministry curriculum series that add up to 144 lessons. Plus, we are also throwing in 144 amazingly fun game videos. Snag this deal before it is gone FOREVER!

24 hour bundle

Curriculum Series Included In This 24-Hour Bundle Sale (144 total lessons!):

  1. 10 Commandments 12-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum
  2. All Aboard 8-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum
  3. Amusement Park 8-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum
  4. Angry Words 4-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum
  5. Armor Of God 8-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum
  6. Bible Basics 8-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum
  7. Bible Bricks 4-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum
  8. Bible Mysteries 8-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum
  9. Candy 12-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum
  10. Candy Bars 12-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum
  11. Emojis 8-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum
  12. Faith Fails 8-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum
  13. Glow In The Dark 4-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum
  14. Mic Drop 8-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum
  15. New Testament 4-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum
  16. Old Testament 4-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum
  17. Opposite Day 8-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum
  18. Screen Time 8-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum
  19. Slimed 8-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum

Check Out Some Of The Game Videos Included Below:


Here Area ALL Of The Game Videos Included In This 144-Hour Bundle Sale:

  1. Are They For Real 
  2. At The Beach Closeups
  3. Avoid The Stroid
  4. Bible Basics-Memory
  5. Bible Books Quiz V1.mpg
  6. Bible Mini Golf Game Video
  7. Bible Quiz-Abraham
  8. Bible Quiz-David & Goliath
  9. Bible Quiz-In The Wilderness
  10. Bible Quiz-Jesus Calms The Storm
  11. Bible Quiz-Jesus Heals On Sabbath
  12. Bible Quiz-Jesus Walks On Water
  13. Bible Quiz-Lazarus
  14. Bible Quiz-Lion's Den
  15. Bible Quiz-Nehemiah
  16. Bible Quiz-Niccodemus
  17. Bible Quiz-Noah
  18. Bible Quiz-Parable Of Lost Sheep
  19. Bible Quiz-Samson
  20. Bible Quiz-The Good Samaritan
  21. Bible Quiz-Woman At The Well
  22. Bible Sidekicks
  23. Bible Verse or Superhero Quote
  24. Breakout Memory
  25. Breakout Riddle Game
  26. Bug Race-Bee Wins
  27. Bug Race-Lady Bug Wins
  28. Can You Name It?
  29. Dad Jokes
  30. Dance Dance Freeze
  31. Did You Hear That
  32. Dirty Dozen
  33. Does It Have The Power
  34. Dont Be Fooled Game Video
  35. Duck Race 1
  36. Duck Race 2
  37. Duck Race 3
  38. Duck Race 4
  39. Eggscape room
  40. Eraser Memory
  41. Escape The Mystifying Maze
  42. Exploding Fruit V1
  43. Exploding Fruit V2
  44. Extreme Closeups-Fruit 1
  45. Extreme Closeups-Summer 1
  46. Extreme Closeups-Summer 2
  47. Extreme Closeups-Summer 3
  48. Extremem Closeups-Fruit 2
  49. Find The Bunny
  50. Find The Fruit
  51. Flashback Memory
  52. Focus V1
  53. Focus V2
  54. Focus V3
  55. Focus V4
  56. Focus V5
  57. Foreign Words V1
  58. Foreign Words V2
  59. Foreign Words V4
  60. Foreign Words V5
  61. Glow In The Dark Pumpkins
  62. Gorilla Game
  63. Guess Whos Talking V1
  64. Guess Whos Talking V2
  65. Guess Whos Talking V3
  66. Guess Whos Talking V4
  67. Guess Whos Talking V5
  68. Hiding Places
  69. I Cant Help It
  70. Ice Cream Cone Bible Trivia
  71. Is that Really In The Bible?
  72. Jelly Bean Jumble
  73. Jingles Bells
  74. Just IN Slime
  75. Know Your Fruit
  76. Lets Give Thanks
  77. Listen Up V1
  78. Listen Up V2
  79. Listen Up V3
  80. Listen Up V4
  81. Listen Up V5
  82. Love It Or Leave It V1
  83. Love It Or Leave It V2
  84. Love It Or Leave It V3
  85. Love It Or Leave It V4
  86. Love It Or Leave It V5
  87. Lumberjack Game
  88. Mama or Llama
  89. Marble Race 1
  90. Marble Race 2
  91. Marble Race 3
  92. Marble Race 4
  93. Memorial Day Quiz
  94. Mistaken Monsters 1
  95. Mistaken Monsters 2
  96. Mistaken Monsters 3
  97. Move Over Clover
  98. Name That Fear
  99. New Or Old
  100. Noahs Ark
  101. Out Of Focus V2
  102. Out Of Focus V3
  103. Out Of Focus V4
  104. Out Of Focus V5
  105. Penguin Curling
  106. Popsicle Melt
  107. Punkin Gunk
  108. Red White and Who
  109. Share The Square
  110. Simon Says Extreme Game Video
  111. Smelly Jelly Game Video
  112. Smooth Moves
  113. Snowflake Fakeout
  114. Spot The Difference
  115. Super Shopper
  116. Superhero Vision
  117. Surfer Wave Palmtree
  118. The Shepherds
  119. Tower Of Babel
  120. Under The Sea Riddles
  121. Water Balloons V1
  122. Water Balloons V2
  123. Water Balloons V3
  124. Water Balloons V4
  125. What Is Different?
  126. What Saith Thou Game Video
  127. What Will Mike Choose
  128. What Will The Pig Chose V1
  129. What Will The Pig Chose V2
  130. What Will The Pig Chose V3
  131. What Will The Tortoise Choose V1
  132. What Will The Tortoise Choose V2
  133. What Would You Rather Do V1
  134. What Would You Rather Do V2
  135. What Would You Rather Have
  136. Whats For Lunch
  137. Whats That Fruit
  138. Whats Under The Sand Game Video
  139. Which Egg Is Different Game Video
  140. Whos Older
  141. Will It Crush
  142. Will It Float
  143. Will Timmy Eat It
  144. Wind Up Warriors

About This Bundle:

  • This bundle is an instant download
  • Perfect for kids ages 6-12
  • Includes large group and small group resources

Each Lesson Includes

  • Memory Verse
  • Skit
  • Object Lesson
  • Lesson
  • Discussion
  • Game
  • More!

    Guaranteed to be Awesome!

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