2021 Jelly Bean Children's Ministry Curriculum Bundle

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Save a ton of money with our 2021 Jelly Bean Children's Ministry Curriculum Bundle!

It's like buying 1 curriculum and getting 25 for FREE! 

We piled this deal high just for you for a limited time. Our JELLY BEAN BUNDLE includes 26 FUN Children's Ministry curriculum series' that are great for Easter and the rest of the year. There are a total of 182 lessons included in this deal!

Save a ton of money, and stock up on lessons for your Children's Ministry to use for years to come!

Children's Ministry Curriculum Series' Included In This Deal:

Easter Eggsperiments 4-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum This series will use science experiments involving eggs to reinforce the life-changing story of Easter: Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem, Judas' betrayal, Peter's denial, as well as Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection.

Easter Science 4-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum Each week kids or the leader will perform a simple science experiment that connects to the Easter story.

Easter Eggs 4-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum Each week kids will look at a different "Easter Egg" to learn a fun, Easter Bible lesson.

At The Beach 8-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum In the summer many people grab a good book and head to the beach. This summer, pick up the good book and learn how to go a little deeper in your walk with Jesus.

Bible Circus 8-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum All these incredible stories help tell us more about God, who He is, and point us to the greatest man to ever walk this earth, Jesus.

Bible Mysteries 8-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum In this detective-themed series, kids will investigate Bible stories that tend to raise some serious questions. With a little help from the source material, kids will ask questions, investigate the evidence, and solve the case. 

Candy Hearts 4-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum The Bible has a lot to say about love, but it doesn't usually involve candy.  Each lesson looks at a different "Candy Heart Saying" to teach kids what the Bible says real love looks like. 

Cereal 12-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum The commercials always tell us that cereal is a “part of a complete breakfast.” This series will show kids how, unlike cereal, Jesus is all we need to have a complete and joy-filled life.

Crayons 12-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum Crayons come in many shades and hues. David – a man after God's own heart – lived a life filled with as many shades as you would find in a box of crayons. When we look at the colors of David's life, we see an image of what happens when we let God draw the picture of our lives.

Creation 8-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum God created the universe in only six days, but we could spend many lifetimes just admiring His handiwork. When we see all that God has made, we can see his power, beauty, care, and love and we can praise Him for all He has done.

Doughnuts 12-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum God gave us 10 commandments to help us live a life that’s sweeter not only to him but to everyone around us. The 10 Commandments can make us, and the world around us, a sweeter place.

Emotions 5-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum We think of some emotions as good and others as bad. But God made every part of us, and no matter how we are feeling, we can always turn to Him for help.

Fruit Of The Spirit 9-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum The tree doesn't TRY to grow fruit; it grows naturally as long as the tree has plenty of water and sunlight.  The tree spends its time trying to reach down for water and reach up sunlight and the fruit comes as a result. In the same way, when we focus on trusting in God and filling our mind and heart with God’s Word, the fruit of the Spirit will start to naturally be seen in our life.

Glow In The Dark 4-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum Are you afraid of the dark? Everybody gets scared sometimes. But when we learn more about Jesus, the Light of the World, the things that frighten us begin to look less scary. We can learn to glow in the dark with the brightness that Jesus brings.

Gross 6-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum The Bible is filled with some messy stories – stories, nonetheless, that points us to an amazing, loving God. In this series, kids will not only learn some messy, gross stories, but they will experience them firsthand through messy games, crafts, and other activities.

Hands On Faith 4-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum Each week kids will do a simple science experiment to illustrate the power of having faith in God. 

Jesus Said What? 8-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum Jesus taught us many great things about how we should live and how we should treat other people. But some of the most important things He spoke were the things he told us about who He was – God himself.

Kids Of the Bible 8-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum Sometimes kids think they have to be grown-ups for God to use them, but the Bible is full of stories of kids that God used.

Mic Drop 8-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum Worship can happen when we sing, when we pray, and when we show love to others. In Mic Drop 8-Week Children’s Ministry Curriculum, kids will learn that every day we can praise God in some way.

Pumpkin Parables 4-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum In Pumpkin Parables 4-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum, these four lessons will use pumpkins to teach children about 4 of Jesus’ parables.

Some Assembly Required 4-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum - 

Teach them that if they are willing, God will build something awesome with them with our new Children's Ministry curriculum, inspired by LEGO bricks.

Superhero Faith 8-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum There are certain qualities that we associate with superheroes – costumes, secret fortress’, superpowers, etc. Each lesson in this series looks at an aspect of being a superhero and shows kids that God is our ultimate superhero.

Surfs Up 10-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum In the first sermon he ever preached, Jesus gave us the Beatitudes, eight blessings promised to those who seek Jesus and live for him. The Beatitudes can change the way we look at life and help us to live in a way that honors Jesus.

When I Grow Up 12-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum It’s natural to look to the future and wonder what kind of jobs we will have and what kind of people we will be. Regardless of what career we pursue, we can use our strengths to serve God – both when we grow up and right now.

Wild West Faith 8-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum - When we read the Old Testament, it often seems likes a rough and rugged place – like the American Old West. But when we look a little closer, we see that even in some of the wildest events that happened, God had a plan.  God’s plan then is the same plan He has now, to let the world know who God is and how much He loves us.

About This Curriculum:

  • This bundle is an instant download
  • Perfect for kids ages 6-12
  • Includes large group and small group resources

Each Lesson Includes

  • Memory Verse
  • Skit
  • Object Lesson
  • Lesson
  • Discussion
  • Game
  • More!

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